Spectrum Crunch Will Change the Way We Use Our Phones

With news that smart phones will soon start to slow due to reduced bandwidth, I can’t help but hear my mother’s voice in my head tell me, “Everything in moderation,” or “All good things must come to an end,” or any other fitting cliche that is meant to remind you that “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.”

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2012 – The Year Online Marketing Goes on the Defensive

We online marketers were a small, dedicated group of people that took to the internet to promote brands and companies. It was a kinder, gentler time. But we all knew what was next. What always happens next. Our small community of honest branders and online marketing founders got bulldozed with large corporations, shady practices, and scheming “online experts” who took over and left companies all over the Nation confused, disorientated, and a little less confident in the online marketing process. It was almost as if we found ourselves in the Land of the Lorax where our Truffala trees of good, honest online marketing tactics got taken out one by one. Now, it’s a branding and marketing nightmare out there.

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First Look at Google Check-In

Google Check-InsGoogle is one of the latest to the social “Check-In” platforms. Google has just rolled out Google Check-in, which integrates Google+ with Google Places and Maps and expands upon Google Offers. At this time Google Check-Ins can be done through Google Maps for Mobile (currently only available to Android Devices), and through the Google+ App. Read more »

QR Codes – What does it all mean?

Quick Response Code, better known by its abbreviation “QR code”, is a two-dimensional barcode system gaining popularity with companies all over the world.  You may have noticed an image like the one below in your favorite magazine or newspaper. The QR code below is on a billboard in London promoting the release of a new DVD. Read more »