New Google Navigation & Layout Changes

Google is testing a new navigation layout for their home page. This change looks like it will effect a few things most notably the position of your Google Profile, or Google+, widget. Although I prefer the widget to not stand out so intrusively for the average user, this would appear as a good way to promote Google+ and begin to increase engagement of users.

Another notable change, and more what I wanted, Read more »

First Look at Google Check-In

Google Check-InsGoogle is one of the latest to the social “Check-In” platforms. Google has just rolled out Google Check-in, which integrates Google+ with Google Places and Maps and expands upon Google Offers. At this time Google Check-Ins can be done through Google Maps for Mobile (currently only available to Android Devices), and through the Google+ App. Read more »

Your First Look into Google+

As if managing a Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and Linkedin isn’t enough, there is a new social network in town that is getting a lot of talk, Google+. Google+ is the giant search engine, Google’s form of a social networking platform, which is surprisingly similar to Facebook, its largest rivalry.  The number one question being asked, is will it be picked up like Facebook was and will business’s utilize their form of brand pages? Read more »