QR Codes – What does it all mean?

Quick Response Code, better known by its abbreviation “QR code”, is a two-dimensional barcode system gaining popularity with companies all over the world.  You may have noticed an image like the one below in your favorite magazine or newspaper. The QR code below is on a billboard in London promoting the release of a new DVD.

You can also find QR codes in addition to more traditional product barcodes at retailers across the country.  Many businesses are even posting the codes on the door as a customer enters the store.  It can be a simple and inexpensive (if not free) tool to get your company’s message out.  Free QR codes are available through a number of online outlets and it couldn’t be more simple to setup.

Here’s how it works:

To set up your business’s QR code, you can perform an Internet search for a “QR Code Generator.” Plug in the information and the designated point you want your QR Code directed to. It can be a website, a phone number, a text message, whatever you’d like. The QR Code is then generated and you can implement it on your website, marketing materials, and online marketing platforms. As consumers come across the code, they simply pull out their cell phone and scan the QR code to enter into the platform you designated.

Barcode and QR code reader apps are among the most downloaded on both IPhone and Android devices.   This trend seems much more than a fad and why not?  It’s an inexpensive way to help get your message out and show your audience that you are keeping up with the times.

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