To Tweet or not to Tweet:

I often get asked by clients if Twitter should be a part of their online marketing plan.

Answer: Well that all depends.

Twitter with over 300 million users has grown into a major online player, not only in the Social Media world but in the marketing field as well. It’s not just for athletes and celebrities. In varying capacities most large corporations are now utilizing twitter to reach their audience. Many even track what users are “tweeting” about them. Some large companies are even offering help desk support when someone posts a tweet concerning one of their specific products. Even locally it can be a great way to follow your company’s public image online.

But what does that all mean for your small business?

Twitter can be a great tool for you to stay in touch with your clients or customers. Its an opportunity for you to have constant brand awareness with your followers. However, Twitter is not the best tool for bringing new customers to your business, rather an innovative way to keep that existing clientele. Many of these potential followers are already in your sphere of influence.

One thing is for sure if Twitter is to be effective it must be updated regularly. Which means devoting a staff member to spend time on the site most every day.

The Bottom Line: For some businesses Twitter could be an important part of a broader online marketing campaign. However, if you are just getting into the social media game I recommend starting with Facebook. There are far more users spending more time on Facebook and the creative possibilities are nearly unlimited.

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