Your First Look into Google+

As if managing a Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and Linkedin isn’t enough, there is a new social network in town that is getting a lot of talk, Google+. Google+ is the giant search engine, Google’s form of a social networking platform, which is surprisingly similar to Facebook, its largest rivalry.  The number one question being asked, is will it be picked up like Facebook was and will business’s utilize their form of brand pages?

According to a recent study from Mashable, 94% of the top 100 had a Facebook presence, and 53% display a link to their Facebook Page on their homepage, and only 12% had a link on their homepage for their Google+ page. Though sometimes it does take a few months for a new social network to catch on, Google has had 2 previous social network platforms, Google Wave and Google Buzz fail. One thing Google has not failed at is creating products that go hand in hand with one another. From your Gmail account to your YouTube channel, one login is needed for any Google service, tying them to each other which might be the reason this social media platform will succeed, if not for social networking but for search engine optimization.

Before creating a Google+ business page, you need to decide on how your company can utilize each social network platform to its fullest potential. Dedicating and delegating specific topics and posts for each separate social platform will create direct and personal relationships with two separate audiences that are interested in different aspects of your business. Google+ has already seemed to cater to the informational and professional groups, as Facebook is used for deal updates, upcoming events, and fun photos. Continuing with this trend seems to be successful with many major brands.

Only time will tell if Google+ will become a part of the daily routine of millions, like Facebook has. Utilizing the two social media platforms differently from one another will allow your business to potentially engage and reach a new part of your market.

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